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B-kin Market Interact is the basic tool for your digital marketing strategy:
Multichannel campaign management (SEM, banners, email, SMS)
Landing page editing and publishing, with registration form
Lead generation, nurturing, and scoring
Seamless integration with the sales process


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  • Do you have a CRM with no life? Do you want to automatically feed your CRM with new opportunities?
  • Are you investing in digital advertising (search marketing, banners, email marketing…), but cannot follow-up results beyond statistics? Do you want to transform those statistics into identified and reachable leads?
  • Do you want to go from sending emails to generating and nurturing potential customers? Is email marketing an end in itself, or is it just another piece of a business development strategy?
  • Do you have unorganized lists of leads, coming from different isolated campaigns? Do you want to consolidate those lists and transform them into a consistent source of new opportunity generation?
  • Are you in marketing, and need the power of a CRM to manage and nurture your leads before handing them over to sales? And is your corporate CRM focused solely on sales, and not giving you the flexibility and tools you need in marketing?
  • Do you want to launch, test, adapt, optimize lead generation campaigns, avoiding the complex process of updating the corporate Web site? Do you want to be in control over landing pages, registration forms, and campaign-based communication to leads?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, B-kin Market Interact will support you in creating a business process adapted to your digital strategy. It’s easy and it’s quick.
You'll be surprised! Please call us at +34 911 876 390, or send us an email to info@b-kin.com, ortry it for free now.
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